Product Videography

About Our Product Videography Service

Drawing customers’ eyes to your products is all about the visuals. It could be the greatest product in the world, but if it doesn’t look like it does the job, it’s not leaving your warehouse. Video is the leading form of content across digital platforms, especially social media. Our super-duper product videos make sure that what you’re selling isn’t just a great product, but that it looks like a great product as well. Show in high detail exactly what your product is, smash your branding about in a slick and memorable way and then wrap this up in a format that is ready to go across all digital platforms.

That’s exactly what our product videos are.

Check out our sample product video collection here.

You Post It. We Film It.

The process is as simple as this. Send us your products, write us a brief and then we’ll do the rest. From our remote studio we’ll film everything, edit it all and then ping the videos over to you via the magical power of the internet. You don’t even need to leave your office (or living room as it’s known these days). Reducing time and costs, our remote set-up means more videos for you and fewer passive-aggressive emails from Graham in Accounts. Plus, the Glacé team will always be available on the other side of a computer screen to share our creative ideas and input on how to make your products look top dollar.

Product Videography Menu

We all like to know how much things cost before we buy them. Product videos are no different! Download our menu of product video options from the massive link to find out more. Either go for one of our classic, ready to go options. Or go a little off menu/a la carte, with some optional editing extras or even create your own style. We’re a flexible bunch, always keen to break new digital ground. So if you feel the potential video that is rattling around in your head is a little more bespoke, pour your ideas onto some form of electronic paper and we’ll turn them into a reality (well, a digital reality.)

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