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We are a creative video production agency based in the city of Manchester. We specialise in short and long form video content suitable for the digital age. Whether you want to promote your brand, capture the excitement of a live event or turn an imaginative idea into a video reality, we’ve got you covered. Our creative vision centres around the production of videos that are exciting and immersive. This paves way to our driving aim of producing video content for you, that is ready for the modern social media world we live in.


Communicate your company's biggest visions and greatest achievements through interesting and informative video content.

Social & Promotional

Short and long form video content tailored to promote your brand across all digital platforms. Light up your social feed and bring your website to life with snappy and engaging videos.


The chance to turn a unique idea into a reality. Creative videos build upon artistic visions and creative ideas, with the end result being something special that really represents you.


Capturing a moment in time and making it last forever. Live events have a special buzz, they evoke feelings and emotions that we turn into lasting memories.


Our Vision

Video is not just something we do professionally, it’s our lives. To us, the world is one giant landscape ready to be filmed in a whole array of different ways. The beauty of video is that it can capture so many emotions and convey messages no matter how big or how small. To us, video is a way of not only communicating our messages, but translating those of others as well. Our aim is to share this ability we have across the world by producing videos that capture the imagination and take people on journeys they’ll never forget.

Recent News



September 12, 2019

Video Content Ideas (Re-purposing Videos For Social Media)

Following on from our previous blog about how to make your video content go further on social, it seemed only apt that we’d throw a view...

Following on from our previous blog about how to make your video content go further on social, it seemed only...

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August 23, 2019

How To Make Video Content Go Further On Social

For quite a while now it has been known how...

For quite a while now it has been known how effective video content can be as part of digital marketing campaigns. Its usefulness is magnified when we look at its impact on social media, with its...

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Case Study


June 4, 2019

Action Against Hunger & Their Fundraising Events

Action Against Hunger are an international charity that...

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