Glacé Media Release Their New Video Production Showreel

June 27th, 2023

The brand new Glacé Media showreel has now been released. Yes, you heard it right. It’s been a hot minute since we showed you the highlights of all the video production projects we’ve been working on, so with much anticipation and excitement we thought it was time to put that right.

In our latest video showreel we have taken it to a new level. Yes, of course we’ve filled it with all the stunning footage we’ve shot and the killer edits we’ve put together, who do you think we are? But this time we wanted to share a bit more about our brand and what working with Glacé Media is all about.

Beautiful visuals come as standard. We all love taking in perfectly crafted camera shots and well cut sequences, but this comes as standard. We don’t merely exist to look good, we are here to have an impact. More importantly, we are here to make sure your brand or business has an impact.

That’s why the focus of our latest showreel is on what we can do for you and your marketing campaigns and how we can ensure that you effectively communicate strong messages through video content.

All the content we produce has a digital marketing use in mind. Everything you can see in this showreel was produced to ensure the client’s marketing message was communicated in a way that would resonate with the audience and deliver the intended results.

Whether it’s product videos, specific social media adverts, animated explainers, corporate videos or high-end narrative productions, the name of the game is always the same (we should get that printed on a t-shirt). Produce video content that enhances digital marketing campaigns.

If a few of the clips in the showreel have grabbed your attention, keep reading. We’ve laid out some of the main projects that we’ve worked on and broken down what the clients’ aims were, how we achieved these and just what went into the production.

As flexible as we have to be in the world of video production, we have an effective method when it comes to the journey of a project all the way to completion. We understand how important planning is in the process to ensure the client effectively gets their message across whilst receiving every ounce of Glacé magic they can along the way.

If you want to see how this process works with clients, check out this article.

But right now we have some videos to dissect. Here are some epic projects we smashed through with Müller, Papa John’s and the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens teams, plus a few other noteworthy mentions.

Papa John’s Get Spooky

Client’s Aim

Produce a Halloween-themed product video for their limited edition “Stranger Bling” jewellery piece. The video needed to attract individuals to the product’s landing page via the video’s social media and PR usage.

How We Achieved The Aim

In the Glacé studio we built a spooky Halloween set to capture the pendant in all its glory. The video was then cut into 15-second and 30-second promo videos optimised for social media use. The viewer was instantly introduced to the Papa John’s branding alongside the “Stranger Bling” announcement so the association could be made instantly, prompting intrigue to find out more about the limited edition piece.

How The Video Was Produced

A combination of studio-shot footage and animation is what brought this video together. To capture the traditionally spooky, gloomy Halloween atmosphere, dark materials were used to build the set alongside strategically placed lighting.

Mood is everything when working to a certain theme and in this situation, the visual tone had to be clear from the off. Going on to partner this with appropriately moody music and sound effects allowed key focal points such as the product itself and the cleverly animated Papa John’s garlic sauce pot to work together effectively.

As a result, the final video created an unmistakable Halloween-style that enabled a clear focus to be put on the product. As a result, the key messaging was visually communicated whilst the thematic tone kept the viewer in the spooky world for just long enough.

A job well done we’d say.

High-Intensity Video Content With The Hong Kong Rugby Sevens

Client’s Aims

To produce short, high-energy videos that would capture the intensity of the rugby team’s training camp in the UK. The videos should then be able to draw the attention of rugby fans unfamiliar with the team and as a result, boost their following in the run-up to the upcoming Hong Kong Sevens tournament.

How We Achieved The Aim

Aligning with the client’s schedule on this one was important. The team had a set window for training and for a friendly match against England, therefore, we needed to ensure the pre-production process was tight. Planning for enough time to capture all angles of training was one thing, but lining up stunted moments to ensure the narrative of the content was consistent, was another.

This meant a tight shot list planned in advance gave us the confidence going into the shoot knowing we could produce some killer content if we grabbed the footage we had decided on in advance. By keeping the planning process tight and securing our creative vision beforehand, it meant we could produce 15-second, 60-second and 90-second versions of the videos for both the Women’s and Men’s team that contained all the footage they needed to be effective whilst still ensuring the visual variety was there.

Planning might not be the sexiest part of the process, but it always allows for the creativity to be delivered more effectively.

How The Video Was Produced

Shot over two days on location at Loughborough University, the key to capturing the correct style of footage here was immersion. We knew that the viewer needed to feel like they were right in the mix of the action for the high-intensity vibe of the video to feel authentic.

So when the viewer needs to feel like they are in the heart of the action, get into the heart of the action is what we do. Combining smooth gimbal shots with sweeping drone footage, we got the cameras as deep into the training sessions as possible to enable the capturing of genuine high-end rugby action.

To keep the content immersive, the edit involved fast cuts with whipping transitions alongside raw and rugged sound design to take that viewer immersion to another level. This meant that we were able to produce a series of videos that were ferociously captivating, keeping the viewer glued to the action, whilst showcasing the all-important quality of the team. As a result, drawing the audience closer to the team and were left wanting to follow more of their exploits.

A tiring one to film, but an equally energetic one to watch.

Müller Headline The Diamond League Athletics

Client’s Aims

With their sponsorship of British Athletics, Müller wanted to highlight their involvement in the flagship event of the year, the Müller Birmingham Diamond League athletics meet. The aim was to capture both an overview video and a bank of photography showing off their brand presence at the event via the advertising material across the site and the involvement of their team. The final content needed to show internal and external parties that the event had been a prime opportunity for strengthening the awareness of their brand.

How We Achieved The Aim

The plan we went with was to ensure that the Müller brand was at the forefront of all of the content. This then needed to blend with the wider spectacle of the day to show how the Müller brand sat perfectly alongside the athletics meeting.

An overload of Müller focused content would have pushed the athletics and the event aside and as a result, the content could have been shot anywhere. A careful balance had to be struck to ensure the viewer absorbed the atmosphere of the live event whilst remaining clear on the strength of Müller’s involvement.

This wasn’t to be an advertising piece per se, but a selection of content that showcased the work their team had already done. The beauty of a live event video is that it can say a lot without having to have a forced message. The viewer should feel that they are involved in the event whilst being impressed by the action they are being shown.

How The Video Was Produced

Due to the live nature of the shoot, a small crew needed assembling to ensure all facets of the event could be captured. The day ran to a strict timetable and wide coverage was essential. In order to highlight Müller’s involvement across all of the event as well as capture the key moments and athletes, a team of camera operators and a photographer needed to be locked and loaded ready to capture all relevant moments.

Once again our good friend planning came into play (there is a recurring theme here). The timetable was out of our hands, therefore flexibility and a tactical approach was needed to ensure our cameras were in the right places at the right time.

It’s very easy to just take a load of cameras out at an event like this and capture whatever is in front of you, but the key to delivering on the brief in this instant was knowing what we were looking for. This involved developing a strong understanding of the brand, how they wanted to be represented and what they would be doing on the day.

As a result of this tactical planning, we were able to capture all relevant footage enabling us to produce a 60 second overview and a bank of photos that delivered our aim and ensure a smooth shoot was executed.

Honourable Mentions (Video Production Projects We Couldn’t Leave Out)

As by now you’ve watched our smokin’ new showreel, you’ll realise that there were more than three video projects showcased in it. To avoid this turning into a 5,000 word article, we’re going to whip through a few of the other projects to give you a flavour of what went into some of the other examples.


A global brand of children’s educational board games, BrainBox wanted to totally refresh their digital content and show off their highly successful products in all their video glory.

The aim was to produce video content that would resonate with a modern audience and subsequently perform well across digital platforms.

We created a bespoke product video for each of their titles that could sit within e-commerce platforms as well as within social media marketing campaigns. This involved building custom sets to create a whole world around the product. The edits were optimised to the appropriate platforms leaving them with a bank of video content that matched the tone of their product whilst separating them from the marketing campaigns of their competitors.

University Of Salford

The literature department of the University Of Salford had just completed a wide-ranging project that culminated in the premiere of a short film they produced alongside experienced BBC filmmakers. 

Amongst events open to the public and an international academic conference, the department were exploring the theme of post-colonialism and wanted to ensure they had video content that captured the heart of this message.

Via various pieces of video content, we distilled down the core messages and emotion of the themes they had been exploring to ensure the legacy of their work was available for years to come.

Taking complex messages and translating them into consumable content isn’t easy. This project involved immersing ourselves in the subject matter and subsequently cutting footage together that told these stories in the most engaging and informative way possible.

The pièce de résistance was the above video, capturing the spectacle that was the film premiere hosted in the university’s theatre space.

Lancashire County Council

Testimonials have a reputation of being stale and predictable. When done effectively their merit is not doubted in the marketing world. However, there are enough stinkers out there to put anyone off from being involved.

This is where the Glacé team came in to shake things up. Lancashire County Council had run a peer group, encouraging businesses in the area to share insights and advice whilst being led by an experienced local mentor.

The passion and enthusiasm for the group from the individuals involved was clear to see and this needed to come across in the video. A straight-faced corporate message would not hit the mark. Through colour, the breaking of the fourth wall (ye, fancy) and the striking of an informal tone with the participants, we successfully produced a testimonial video that embodied the passion of the business owners whilst establishing a conversational feel that would resonate with the small business community.

When producing a video like this, tone is so important. Every style of video has its place somewhere, but identifying that tone early is so important to make sure the video resonates with the correct audience in the way that it was intended.

Like The Video Content You Saw?

There you have it, our new showreel is out and we’ve worked on some exceptionally enjoyable projects along the way. 

We will continue to proudly share the work we’ve done, whilst chewing your ears off with the process of how we’ve done it.

We believe in our process and know that beyond just producing pretty pictures we create video content that resonates with our client’s audiences and delivers successful returns when used within their marketing campaigns.

If this has whet your video appetite and you want your brand, business or organisation to benefit from some of the Glacé Media video magic, drop us a message. We’re a friendly bunch with plenty of far-out ideas to throw your way.

You never know, we could be waxing lyrical about your video in our next showreel.