What Different Types Of Corporate Videos Are There? (Part 2)

November 13th, 2018

If you thought we had run out of ideas and inspiration for corporate videos after our last blog, then you were wrong. In part one of this blog we took a look at three different types of corporate video productions that could be beneficial for your company. Annual reports, corporate events and meet the team videos all made the list, but we’re not stopping there. To prove the point that there are so many possibilities available when it comes to producing corporate videos, here are three more types of corporate videos that could be useful for your business.


Motivational Video


Motivation, the fuel that drives all workforces. You might have the most talented group of people in the world collected together, but if they aren’t motivated to work for the company then you won’t get anything out of them. Age old techniques for motivation have been explored, from the motivational speaker to the motivational bonus holidays. All have their merits for different reasons and can be great for company morale and motivation. But why not bring your company into the modern digital world and begin motivating the whole team with a motivational corporate video?



This video production can take numerous forms. Motivation within a company can come from all different sources, whether it be rousing speeches from management or examples of exemplary work from staff. A fantastic way to generate a real buzz is by motivating from below. A motivational video can be a fantastic task for staff to take on as a team project. Giving your team the opportunity to share what they like about the company and the work they do makes the content seem much more genuine. This will give the staff making it a sense of involvement but will also lift the audience’s view of the video as what they are watching has come from their workmates.


Themes can involve overviews of projects, mini documentaries or just a series of interviews. Either way, you’ll be left with an original piece of content that all staff can relate to. Plus the hidden benefit of all this is that the process of producing the video becomes a motivational tool in itself. The collaboration and creativity that producing a video requires will motivate staff in the short term as well as providing a lasting piece of content to boost staff morale into the future.


Staff Training


For pretty much every company, some form of staff training is necessary. The level of training and type of training varies from industry to industry, however, one thing that is for sure is that the process can be helped with digital assistance. Producing staff training videos provides a fantastic bank of training tools that management can shape themselves to formalise staff training, save time and create a variety of pieces that help employees throughout the company.


Ok, when you hear staff training you might be picturing David Brent in the office playing acoustic guitar after they’ve just watched a horrifically cheesy training video about customer service. Don’t be put off by your pre-conceptions of training videos that may have been shaped by shoddy camera work and insufferable on-screen presenters in the 90s. Training videos can be produced to align with your branding, tone of voice and provide highly detailed instructions and information that will help staff with crucial parts of their jobs.



Don’t see training videos as a replacement for traditional training methods, but as something that can supplement them. Especially now more online resources are available, staff can access digital content through dedicated company apps, websites or if you are a smaller company, a shared Google Drive page. For example in the catering industry, a series of videos can be produced for kitchen staff showing step by step how each dish should be produced. Alternatively in a marketing agency, videos can be created to brief staff on specific clients or the tone of voice of the agency. These can then sit online and provide long term assistance to staff, as and when they need it.


Training videos may sound like a boring experience staff are made to sit through. But if done correctly, everybody wins. Management save time and money on the training process and ongoing updates they need to give to staff. Employees get a highly used bank of content that allows them to revisit training they may have previously received on just one day and go through it at their own pace.


Charity & Community Work


Engaging in community and charity work is a great thing that many companies do and should definitely be encouraged. Great endeavours like this often take members of a company to new situations and scenarios, leading them to take part in new activities, meet amazing people and share emotional experiences. The journey’s that individuals go on when involving themselves in such work are inspirational to hear about never mind see. Providing the means to document community and charity work can lead to some spectacular video footage that captures the emotional journey of those who are part of it as well as accurately documenting the great work those from your company are doing.



Capturing such events and journeys provides video content that can double up for other uses. Beyond just documenting work that has been done, such videos can compliment the annual report. In part 1 of this blog I talked about annual report videos, these can act as a spinoff. Adding more depth and colour to the company’s narrative as it talks about its community work. In addition the content can be used for promotional purposes and tie in with motivational work. If this isn’t a reason for your company to take part in more charitable work and then go one further and film it then I don’t know what is.


As we can see, corporate video production isn’t a boring and restrictive genre. It in fact allows staff throughout a company to unlock their creativity and share messages and stories both internally and externally. The practical uses of these productions know few limits, with many departments within the company benefiting from the content created. So, why wait around when your company is already doing so much great work that can be captured on film forever? Head over to our corporate video page to learn more and get the wheels in motion for your own corporate videos.