The Beer School – Slow Motion Beer Looks Even More Delicious

December 13th, 2017

The Beer School is a relatively new craft beer shop and bar based in Bolton. They came to us as they wanted to showcase the wide range of craft beers and gins that they offer in the form of an informative and welcoming video. The location of The Beer School meant that their target audience wasn’t immediately reachable through conventional marketing methods. This meant that to reach the punters they wanted to, social media marketing was the best way forward.


Video Brief

We were briefed with the task of producing a high quality video that provided them with top quality content they could could use across their social media accounts. The video needed to relay the key information and selling points of the bar as well as capturing the warm, welcoming atmosphere of the venue. The venue itself was relatively small so another stipulation of the production was to add depth to the final edit and utilise the key features of the bar as much as possible to create a spacious feel.


Production Plan

In order to achieve the aims of the brief we decided that the video needed set focal points. Many bar and hospitality videos thrive on the footage alone without needing a set focal point. This form of video is ideal for capturing atmosphere and vibe alone. However, the limitations of this form of production are its inability to offer the audience any concrete information about the business. Therefore, as in this case, a focal point is necessary when the business wants to provide the viewer with specific information. For this video we decided the best way to achieve this was through text. Instead of motion graphics we wanted to maintain the intimate feel of The Beer School and filmed video footage of text being drawn to gain the desired effect.


When discussing the identity of The Beer School with their management, we discovered that their whole brand image was centred around the idea of a classroom and schooling. This is summarised in their slogan, ‘tutor your tastebuds’. This theme worked perfectly for us when trying to translate their key selling points to the audience. The idea of teaching the audience something quickly came to mind and this is what we rolled with. We chose short snappy lines that summarised the USPs of the business and used these intermittently throughout the video via text.


During our exploration of the bar, we identified an old school chalkboard that was placed in the venue. This was the perfect prop to utilise when translating the key points of the business in a more intimate and friendly way. Once this had been identified the rest of the video formed itself to us. Shots of the business’ main points would be interspersed with footage of the staff, customers and the variety of products they offered. These would combine together to hit the brief and provide the audience with key information whilst creating the tone that the bar wanted through the wider video footage.


Compiling The Final Video Production

The final edit of the video consisted of an array of sliding shots of key areas of the bar, as well as action shots following the staff and customers. We then cut these between the previously mentioned footage of the text being written on the blackboard to bring the whole edit together. The video footage from around the bar follows the venue from day to night, showing off the atmosphere of the bar and adding to the overall feel we wanted to achieve. The final music added, gently pushes the narrative on whilst offering up a relaxed and comforting vibe. This all culminated to a final edit that effectively reflected the initial aims of the brief.


The Beer School used the video on Facebook as their flagship piece of content. Videos like this act as a great visual version of your business’ About Us. Furthermore the traction they gain across social media is undeniable. The video gained over 11,000 views on Facebook alone and gathered some extremely positive engagement along the way. This is fantastic when pushing your brand online and provides a fantastic way of gaining audience growth. If you are looking for professional video production of this sort for your business, get in touch now and we can discuss a unique video for you.


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