Porsche’s IT Department Gets A Re-Brand (And a Video)

April 14th, 2018

Going into a project with a multi-national corporation can be a daunting prospect. Especially so, when the video still needs to be concise, creative and communicate the company’s key message. This is where communication is key in the creative process. It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that creative projects get thrown at an agency and the final production just magically appears. Yes, the agency is there to bring the creative spark, however, from our experience, the best projects are when the client and agency work closely together. This ensures the original creativity of the video shines through whilst at the same time guaranteeing that the end goal of the company is fulfilled. So when approaching the project with Porsche IT, our main building block was creativity.


Project Aims


The main aim of this video was to capture the heart of Porsche IT’s rebrand and translate it in an exciting and informative way. Porsche IT had been working on their re-brand over a number of weeks and it was our task to summarise the results of this work in video form.


The IT department underwent a series of training days, involving team-building exercises and idea generation. Throughout the process they were looking into what was at the core of their brand and what that meant in relation to their own department. Therefore, as a result of the various exercises they participated in, they sought to find out what the Porsche mentality meant to them and how this would be incorporated within the re-branding of the IT department.



Over the course of the training days, vast amounts of video footage was compiled to document the progression of the events. This footage showcased the activities the team members took part in as well as the results they gained from them. The brief from Porsche was to gather the most relevant footage and compile it into one production that drew attention to the core values of Porsche and how they fit into the re-branding of the IT department. This was to be presented with clear focus on these elements whilst maintaining a strong and motivational narrative throughout the video.


The Production


The first step in actually compiling the video was sifting through the raw footage. For any production this is always a painstaking process, especially when a lot of footage has been shot. The bigger the project the longer this process lasts. However, it is a necessary part of the edit and once complete gives the framework for the whole production.


In this instance we sought to divide the footage into categories related to the core values of Porsche. As I mentioned, this process builds the framework for the whole production. As this video was to be built upon the core values of Porsche, separating the footage into these categories makes logical sense as well as setting ourselves up with the perfect workspace to build the production up from.


When going through the footage and deciding what made the cut, the driving factor in the decision making process was always ‘how well does this clip demonstrate the Porsche values in action’. When producing a corporate video, the company’s message must always come first and in this scenario it was no different. Once whittled down, we were then left with a collection of clips directly relating to the overall goal of the project. The next step was to display why these clips were relevant and how they displayed the company values.


Delivering a Message Through Video


Conveying a clear message through a video can often be a very difficult task. What may initially seem like a very simple task can easily be made extremely difficult if the eye is taken away from the project focus during the editing process. Therefore, in this instance it was necessarily early on to decide just how the core values of Porsche would be translated.



Throughout film and video, messages are translated in numerous ways. Whether it be via dialogue, sound, filmography or text, there are numerous options when it comes to delivering a message. With the Porsche project, we knew the message had to be very clear. To add to this, the size of the project meant there were a few layers to the information that needed portraying. Because of the relative complexity of the message and the necessity for clarity, it was decided that text delivered through motion graphics was the most effective way of reaching the goal.


The Impact of Motion Graphics


Motion graphics are a highly effective way of distributing clear messages. The use of animated text means the video can say exactly what you want it to, whilst still remaining creative and maintaining the chosen tone. For Porsche, the information we needed to deliver was how each core value related to the IT department. We wanted to maintain the professional innovative visual branding of Porsche itself.


Furthermore by using custom graphic overlays we were able to establish a continuous vibe through the video. The futuristic, technological style of the graphics and text animation went hand in hand with Porsche’s innovative mindset. Therefore, by opting to use motion graphics we managed to deliver key messages throughout, whilst maintaining a tone that was unique to the brand.


Concluding The Creative Process


Through the combination of categorised footage and well placed motion graphics the final production delivered both an interesting narrative and an informative sequence of clips. We were extremely happy with the way we were able to bring life to the footage and present a production that went beyond the mere delivery of information.



An easy trap to fall into when producing corporate video is playing it safe. Many productions are there just to tick boxes and deliver the client the exact video they describe. However, this almost sidetracks the creative process and almost certainly will leave you with a very similar looking video each time. We believe that engagement and intrigue are prerequisites in corporate videos, not just bonus extras. After all, the video is produced to be watched by people and people want to be entertained. Although the driving motive behind a corporate video is to deliver a message, this message will be delivered so much more effectively if it engages the viewer. This is why throughout the Porsche production we kept pushing for an entertainment at the same rate as we pushed for the delivery of information.


What we were left with at the end of this process was a video that not only embodied the values of Porsche, but also that of Glacé Media. Porsche represent innovation, excitement and strong team values. All of which came through in the final production. Our ambition as a production agency aspires as big and as far as Porsche’s does. Yes, we believe in catering to the client’s needs and of course we want them to gain exactly what they wanted from video. But the one thing that’ll continue to drive us as a production agency is the belief that every video has the ability to capture the imagination, it’s just up to us make that a reality.


When Everything Comes Together


Porsche came to us to assist the re-branding of their IT department. Our role in this process was to translate the vision of the department into video form in a way that would excite and motivate everyone within the company. To achieve this goal we combined the practical presentation of information with vision and imagination. By giving Porsche a video that was compiled in a way  that we we believe contained the same level of ambition and imagination as they do, we believe we gave them something truly unique to their company.


At Glacé Media we work daily to create content that delivers the messages our clients want to deliver. However, we have a firm belief that video has the ability to provide so much more than the simple delivery of information. It has the ability to inspire those who watch it, stoke excitement and dreams within in them and most of all provoke positivity within the viewer. These assets shouldn’t just be reserved for entertaining film. They are just as important for corporate videos. These features allow a brand to share their positive message in a way that has more impact and as a result, is more effective.


If you believe your brand message has the power to positively influence others, whether it be externally or internally in your company, we can help. Contact us now with your aims and the message you want to relay, and we can begin the journey of turning your message into a video reality.