Creative Video productions

What is a Creative Video?

A creative video is the opportunity to turn a creative vision into a visual reality. It’s the opportunity to make something happen that doesn’t currently exist and leave your stamp on the end production.

Creativity underpins every move we make at Glacé Media, however, creative videos are where these ideas are allowed to run wild. Edgy music videos, cutting edge interviews, groundbreaking short films, the list goes on.

If you can imagine it then we can film it. We want you to be able to come to us with your spark of imagination and we’ll set about turning that dream into a reality.

Why do you need a creative video production?

Why do you need a video?

The answer to this comes pretty naturally to us, a creative video is the chance to produce something that is truly yours. Our team of creative producers are always itching to unleash their new ideas into the world of video.

But they are equally excited to dive into a collaboration to develop fresh ideas and projects. If your spark hasn’t quite formed yet but you know what you want to achieve from the production, we can definitely help. Just plant the seed and before you know it we’ll have plenty of ideas ready to fire your way.

We love working together collaboratively with out clients to find fresh, exciting concepts that both you and us are excited to get our teeth stuck into. There is always a video out there to be made, you’ve just got to find it.

Creative Video productions

Our creative video productions

When it comes to creative videos, there is no end to what can be achieved. Here are a few ideas to get the juices flowing:

  • Music video
  • Documentary
  • Short film
  • Performance showcase
  • Social campaign

The list the doesn’t stop there. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination…

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