#38 Licorice Pizza

February 24th, 2022

It’s award season and with it The Glacé Film Club podcast is back for a new series. We haven’t messed about with our returning episode, diving straight into the Oscars with a film that has been nominated for the 2022 Best Picture, Licorice Pizza.

The 2021 coming of age drama sees 15-year-old child actor Gary Valentine pursuing his love interest Alana Kane who is 10 years his senior. The wild ride that is Gary’s life sees him travel the US promoting the film he stars in as well as setting up a string of businesses in the local area.

Throughout he pursues a romantic relationship with Alana which is the foundation for their various bizarre endeavours. Alana is initially drawn to Gary, but only as a friend. The dynamic of this relationship goes in all sorts of directions and is the basis of the film’s plot.

The film poses a whole host of moral questions, giving the audience a ton to digest and consider. But is what goes down enjoyable or does it leave a sour taste in the mouth? Of course, Callum and Marcus are here to explore just that.