#35 Cruella

August 26th, 2021

Big news as we return to the podcast airwaves, Matt is back! On top of this, you’re getting an exclusive audio release of our upcoming video podcast. What a big day for the Glacé Film Club fans across the globe! Just picture the scene, Matt and Marcus lodged comfortably in two wingbacked chairs with a lovely pint in their hand. That is exactly where this audio is coming from as they review the new Disney release, Cruella.

Cruella is a prequel to the 90s hit 101 Dalmations. Cruella sees Emma Stone star in the title role in what is an origin story for the rise and development of the character of Cruella. The film has high drama, dark twists and a whole lot of dogs. Disney have gone in a distinct direction with this film and it seems to indicate where they will be heading with their future releases.

Did the prequel evoke loving nostalgia in our reviewing pair or was it just a yawnathon throughout? Let’s find out.