#33 Nomadland

June 24th, 2021

Never shying away from the big reviews, Callum & Marcus have only gone and tackled the Best Picture from the 2021 Oscars. That’s right, it’s Nomadland. To enhance the excitement even further, the guys actually went to the cinema together to watch this one. A returning novelty that isn’t going to wear off for a long time.

Nomadland is a riff on the classic American road movie. It follows an ageing generation of travellers as they seek to find community, meaning and a form of survival in their advancing years. The film cuts deep into the emotional strains on a forgotten section of society that struggles to keep pace with a world that is far different from the one that they thrived in.

Will Callum and Marcus double down on the Oscar awarding or did this film not live up to their high expectations? Let’s find out.