#32 Citizen Kane

June 1st, 2021

We couldn’t have gone much bigger with this one. We knew one day this day would come and here it is. In this episode, Callum and Marcus take on what is often to referred to as the greatest film of all time, ‘Citizen Kane’.

The 1941 release takes us deep into cinema history. The lifetime of main character Charles Foster Kane is explored throughout the narrative of the film. From the inheritance of his fortune to his death as a lonely rich man, the ups and downs of his existence provide the backbone for this classic. A film that explores so many relevant topics such as wealth, society and the longing for happiness, it is easy to see straight away why ‘Citizen Kane’ has the reputation it does.

With the weight of such a big film looming over their review, were they overwhelmed by its presence or did they join the group of many that have been stunned by it over the years? Let’s find out.