Why It’s A Flippin’ Good Idea To Make A Corporate Video

July 8th, 2020

When I say corporate video production, you might be picturing a dull day of waffling to a camera in an empty office about something you really don’t want to chat about. Equally the thought of watching a corporate video for many feels like a laborious task that is a waste of their time as they are just full of cliches and buzzwords.

With this in mind, it is fully understandable why many businesses shy away from producing corporate videos. If the process itself seems too elongated and the end product is viewed as pointless, then why produce one yourself?

That is the exact question I’m here to answer. I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that I’m not here to provide any more bashing to the humble corporate video. Instead, over the course of this article, I will lay out why producing corporate videos for your business is actually a great idea.

Effectively Communicate Your Values

Communication is the lifeblood of all businesses. It’s all very well and good having a tip-top service or product, but if people don’t get it, then the business won’t be successful. This is applicable both internally and externally. The most successful businesses have a strong and clear set of values that both their employees and customers understand and buy into.

This is where the power of video content is so strong. In the digital world we operate in, video content is the ultimate form of communication. So if a business wants their values to be fully understood, then communicating these through corporate videos is the best way to do so.

The reason video is so impactful is that it allows messages to be communicated in a very clear way. The combination of audio, on screen text and of course video footage means that the way a business can communicate is not restricted. Text or audio alone has its benefits, but nothing can rival seeing something take place. This is the absolute joy of video content. A business can show clients, customers and staff exactly what they are all about.

The combination of a business that knows its values and goals clearly and a well-executed corporate video, is a winning ticket to impactful communication. 

So if you want everyone involved with the business to understand and believe in its values, then a corporate video is a highly effective way of doing so.

Modernise Your Communication

Company values are definitely not something to forget. Values are the core beliefs of a business and the reason why they do what they do. However, these values often get seen as traditions. The problem with the idea of tradition is that they so often are not open to change.

The big problem here is that values and traditions aren’t quite the same thing. Values are the core beliefs of a business and should drive all decisions the business makes. Whereas traditions are long standing ways of doing things that are usually upheld for sentimental and ceremonial purposes. By confusing the two things, values which need to be implemented in a flexible way can become very rigid, just like traditions are.

The danger here lies in communicating company values. If a business refuses to modernise, then the company values cannot be communicated in the most effective way. What is one of, if the not the most effective way of communicating company values in the modern-day? Video.

Adopting corporate video content into your communication activities is a sure fire way to modernise the way you communicate with everyone involved with your business. By modernising your communications, you are therefore making the way you communicate much more impactful as you are utilising the most effective methods of our time. This is so important as it means that your company values do not get left in the past, but they continue to positively influence all the decisions made by you and your customers.

Most businesses will begin their life with a strong set of values and a view of how they want to positively impact the world. Where many businesses fail as they grow is not being able to keep these strong values at the core of everything they do. When this happens a business loses its identity and as a result loses the edge that made them such a standout success in the past.

To ensure a business maintains its founding values they need to be communicated effectively. With the most effective way of doing this in the modern era being video content, it completely makes sense to embrace corporate videos to modernise your communications and ensure your core company values continue to be the driver behind your business’ success.

More Content For Multiple Marketing Channels

So far I’ve just been talking about the idea of the corporate video in the singular. But the idea of producing a corporate video isn’t just commissioning one video and that’s you done for the next 5 years. It’s the mindset of embracing the development of your communications and committing to strengthening the relationship between the business and everyone involved on an ongoing basis.

Before you get wary of me doing the old upselling trick, communicating on an ongoing basis through video doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shoot more videos. The beauty of a corporate video shoot is that you’re involving a lot of different people from your business and showing off all elements of how you operate. The overall end product of this will be a wonderful, all encompassing overview. However, what it does also provide is the opportunity to break the overview down into separate sections and create a series of videos focusing on different parts of the business.

Think of it this way, once a corporate video shoot is set up, you already have the content planned, the location locked in and the contributors ready to go. Over the course of the shoot they will be contributing great insights into the business whilst plenty of footage will be captured showing off the business. By just producing an overview video, much of this great footage will be lost in the edit. With just a bit of forward planning, this extra footage can be tailored into a mini-series where the overview video is broken down into individual videos offering extended insights. This way you’re producing more content, lengthening the time you can communicate with your audience and you don’t need to spend any extra time filming.

Humanise Your Corporate Image

Finally, an easily overlooked element of brand image is the human element. Logos, colours and fonts are very important. They share what your brand is about and give potential customers and clients an instant feel for your business. However, when developing a brand image it is very easy to get lost in the design and lose the human element that the business is actually built on.

I’m sure you’ve felt this before when you look on a company’s website. They have lots of great testimonials, a wonderful logo and some grade A copy filling the pages of the site. However, there is a feeling you’re getting that you can’t quite put your finger on at first. It’s a kind of emptiness, as if you’re in a barren wasteland, a ghost town. The website is saying the right things but it isn’t making you feel the right things. As you start to search through the website you start to realise what’s wrong, you’ve not seen as much as a glimpse of anyone who works there. This may sound trivial, but human interaction and engagement is what verifies the validity of something for us. If this isn’t there, you’re missing out of a big draw for your audience.

Not to worry though, this is very easily fixed. We’d always encourage businesses to use imagery of people who work for the company. Just simple photos let the customer know somebody is there and they are actually dealing with real life people. But to really reap the benefits of the humanising of your brand, corporate videos are ideal for capturing an overview of your team and getting plenty of those lovely faces on camera.

Through video, more emotion and personality can be shared. Potential clients and customers feel a stronger connection to your brand than if they were just staring at a logo. Trust can be built a lot easier and those strong relationships every business longs to form are much easier to develop when the person receiving your communications is at ease.

I hope I’ve now given you more than enough reasons to rush away from this article and start throwing ideas together for your next corporate video. Corporate videos are here to assist you to communicate your brand message in a clearer and more effective way. If this is what you want for your business, then this is definitely the way to go. Of course, if you’d like any assistance in creating your corporate videos, the Glacé team are always on hand to help out. Just drop us a message with what it is you want to achieve for your business and we’ll let you know just how we can make it happen.