How To Build Video Into Your Digital Marketing Agency

March 27th, 2019

Digital marketing has offered a lot of benefits to a lot of businesses over the last decade. However, right now video content is proving to be very beneficial when it comes to digital marketing. As an agency, the solution to offering video content alongside your current services may not seem immediately obvious. However, video is not scary at all and can seamlessly slide in alongside the digital marketing services you already offer your clients. It doesn’t take much to make this happen and before you know it you’re agency will be known for top quality video content.


Show how do you make this happen?


Tailored Content


Offer your client something specific to them.


First things first, you need to show the client that they’re getting something unique. Most clients will want to know why they don’t just spend extra money in other areas that are already delivering results. You need to show them that video content gives the opportunity for a new perspective on their brand. Video can provide pieces of content that they wouldn’t be able to achieve through other avenues. This isn’t about improving currently successful areas, this is about pursuing untapped areas.


The beauty of this is that video really does offer new creative opportunities when it comes to marketing the brand. You should put together a range of ideas based on the client’s brand. These could be promotional videos, creative content based around staff or interviews showing off the expertise of the staff. When it comes to video marketing, the sky really is the limit and you need to hammer this home to the client.



Video content gives you the opportunity to show off a client’s brand in a whole new way. Show them examples of the most creative content out there to get them excited about how they market themselves in a more modern, fresh and exciting way. The aim is to show that video is where the future lies and that their brand can really be a part of this. Once you’ve got them hooked on this, the numbers just add up for there.


Boost Current Digital Marketing Campaign


Once the creative possibilities have been laid out, you need to show them how video can complement their current marketing strategy. Demonstrate how a little extra video content can go a long way in boosting the performance of the campaign you have already worked hard on. Some may say it’s the missing link stopping them from getting to the next level of marketing success.


The beautiful thing about running a digital marketing agency that already has established clients is that you currently have a successful strategy in place for them. We know that video is highly effective and the numerical advantages of utilising video online have been proven time and time again (if you want some killer stats, check this blog out). But these advantages only come to the fore when they work alongside other successful digital services. But guess what, you’ve already got them. If you can throw all the great stats out there to your clients that video doesn’t just make sense for the brand, but it makes sense for the bottom line, then you should be moments away from signing them up to some lovely video content.


Monthly Video Packages


Provide them with regular, quality content alongside your current services.


So what do you do once the video bug has bitten them? Monthly video packages. As we’ve already established, when it comes to video marketing, the sky is the limit. There is no end to the creative content that can be developed through video. Promotional videos, live events, Q&As, meet the team, live video, the list goes on and on. So establishing monthly packages that provide a baseline of content will allow you to really build the video marketing strategy month on month whilst bringing in a regular income.


This makes sense from a billing perspective as well. As most agencies will be charging their clients on a regular basis, this is a service that can be easily tagged on. Whether your clients are on monthly, quarterly or annual retainers, a monthly video strategy can still be developed with the billing just added on as another one of your top quality digital marketing services.


How To Make Video A Reality


Are you convinced? Hopefully this all makes sense to you and seems like a no brainer for your digital agency. But, how do you offer your clients video marketing services without an in-house production team?


This is where the video production agency comes in. Developing a relationship with a video production agency you trust and understands your operating style is the perfect way to do so. From a creative standpoint, this agency will act as the video arm of your business. Getting to know your agency and your clients to the point that their work goes hand in hand with yours. From a financial standpoint, we find the best way to operate is to agree on costs with your video agency and then mark these up to your clients in a way that fits your current pricing plan. By doing this you have created a video production branch within your agency, without employing anyone and without touching any video content in-house.


It’s clear that video content is a highly powerful tool within digital marketing. If you are able to use it effectively you will be able to provide your clients with some highly impressive results whilst attracting new clients who want a piece of your new service. If you think video production services are something that could benefit your agency but don’t want to hire a full in-house production team, drop us a message as we’d love to chat about how Glacé Media could be your partner agency.