6 Reasons Why Video Is Great For Your Business

September 21st, 2018

Like it or not, video content is now everywhere across the internet. Whether you are browsing social media platforms, websites or even emails, videos have increasingly become a major part of our digital world. For many, this can be overwhelming and scary when it comes to jumping into the world of video and embedding it into your business’ digital marketing strategy. Although video might just seem like fancy pieces of content big brands use to show off, they actually have so many more benefits for the success of your business, no matter the size. Here are six reasons why video is great for your business.


Share Your Brand Image In Less Than 1 Minute


Firstly and arguably most importantly, a video enables your business to share your brand image quickly, clearly and in an exciting way. One minute is a fantastic length for a video that will be used across social media and within your other digital marketing efforts. In this time you can show off your brand values and key business message through visuals, audio and text.



On top of this it acts as an extension of your branding. Promotional videos will include you company logo, font and colours throughout as you translate your message to the audience. These visual triggers aren’t something that can be translated through text or audio alone. In less than one minute you can communicate so much more about your brand than you could through any other medium.


Reach New Audiences On Social Media


Attracting new customers and clients is always going to be one of the most elusive achievements for any business. Video really has become the gold standard for content on social media. So if you want to tap into the audience available on social and publish the most sought after content, it pretty much has to be video. Stats such as 38% of marketers posting video to LinkedIn and the amount of time watching videos on Instagram increasing by 80% year on year, only serve to highlight how the competitive battles on social are increasingly being fought via videos.


Furthermore, a successful social media marketing strategy can help your business attract audiences that you may not have previously accessed. For example, a product or service that may in the past of appealed mainly to a middle aged audience, could, with a well crafted video reach a young audience and therefore extend the scope of who you are able to attract as a customer.


Reach More People On Social Media


Continuing with the social media benefits, statistically video content reaches a larger audience than any other content. Not only does being active and producing quality content give you access to a new audience, quality video content ensures that you land in their news feed more often. From our experience video content across social gains higher levels of reach than posts that does not include a video. Therefore publishing video on social media is a positive double whammy. You are both providing quality content to a new audience you may not have previously been able to access, whilst also optimising the platform that have been provided to you by optimising their algorithms.



Replace The ‘About Us’ Section On Your Website


The About Us section on a website has long been the industry standard for sharing your core aims and beliefs and quite rightly so. This section has always been very useful for visitors of a site to find out who they are dealing with. However, the merely text based format is clunky and outdated. Even with a good copywriter producing this page, it takes effort on the readers’ part to really buy into the excitement for the business that writer is trying to create. Often this leads to the reader becoming disengaged.


As earlier mentioned, videos are a perfect way of sharing your brand image quickly in a very visually engaging way. However, amongst all the talk over social media, there are still many other places that these videos are highly useful and one of the main places is the About Us section of your site. Just think, no more paragraphs of text to read through, just one slick looking video that people actually want to watch!


Grab Attention At Exhibitions And Events


Exhibitions and events cover a whole range of industries and it is likely that at some point you’ll be at one. With there being hundreds, if not thousands of exhibitors at these sort of things it it vital that you capture people’s attention quickly and can give them a message that is memorable. Having your promotional video on your stand ticks both of these boxes, a visual eye catcher to reel them in and quick bit of memorable information to give them what they need to know.


You could even go one step further and have bespoke video produced specifically for the event. This could involve some form of teaser to reel people in or target specific audiences with offers and attractions which are most relevant at that event.


Shows That You Are Modern


Well, nobody wants to be seen as behind the times right? Forgetting the practical benefits of videos, the very act of having video content associated with your brand immediately shows that you are modern and with the times. This is important for any growing business in order to maintain that competitive edge. Video content is quickly becoming the industry standard when it comes to visual media, so if you haven’t got video, then I’m sorry but your just going to be left behind with the old timers.


If you want to learn more about promotional videos and what videos can be produced for your business, get in touch now and you’ll be living the video dream in no time.