New Series Of The Glacé Film Club Podcast

March 3rd, 2022

Yes, you read it right. The Glacé Film Club podcast is back for a new series. All the film reviewing you could ever imagine is once again going to be poured into your streaming apps to fill your ears with chit-chat goodness.

As always both Callum and Marcus will be on hand to pick apart some of the biggest films and get to the bottom of what they are all about. This is no trivial film review podcast, it is all about getting to the core of the film and seeking to understand what the filmmaker is trying to say. Whether they do it successfully or not is for them to decide.

The first episode back is a review of the Oscar-nominated “Licorice Pizza”. Thomas Anderson’s 2021 Coming Of Age drama puts forward the age-old question: how do we define ourselves in a moment of adolescent change?

The latest episode along with the entire back catalogue is available to stream now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.