Glacé Film Club (Podcast) #2 – Black Panther

March 30th, 2018

The Glacé Film Club has made its way out of the world of text and into the world of audio. That’s right, the Glacé Film Club podcast is now here! Each episode we will be sitting down and having a good old chat about films old and news. Over the course of the series, Matt and Marcus will be joined by different guests to eat some snacks, review some films and just generally have a good old chat.

Episode two sees Matt and Marcus joined by Emma to review the Marvel smash hit, Black Panther. Whilst breaking all sorts of records, Black Panther took the Superhero genre by storm. Being lauded across the globe for its fresh take on cinema and hollywood films, our three reviewers dive into all elements of the film whilst eating a bit of cake on the way.

Produced by Marcus Johnson

Featuring Marcus Johnson, Matt Green and Emma Young

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