Founder of ‘Fat Loss Feast’ Joe Sexton Appears On Podcast

March 1st, 2021

Founder of the personal fitness and healthy cookery brand ‘Fat Loss Feast’, Joe Sexton, guest appeared on The Glacé Film Club podcast to discuss his online workout and cookery videos.

Joe joined Marcus in a conversation that covered how Joe developed his online presence as a personal trainer, his live-streaming video set-up, as well as his ambitions for the future.

This high energy conversation really saw Joe’s passion come through as he shared with Marcus the passion for what he dooes. The audience were treated to some behind the scenes insights into the tech Joe uses for his high-end livestreams and everything that went into building his studio space.

As always, the latest episode of The Glacé Film Club podcast is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Podcast & Google Podcasts.

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