What are Product Videos and Why Are They Used In Marketing?

June 10th, 2021

Video content is driving the way in content marketing campaigns across the web. Audiences desire to consume video content coupled with digital platforms preference for it means that a winning digital marketing formula, more often than not involves video content.

Product videos are simply a subset of video marketing content. Videos come in all shapes and sizes, however, a product video focuses solely on the product in question. In a world where e-commerce activity is very high and shoppers are increasingly buying products through social media, the ability to show off the product that is being sold effectively is highly sought after.

Through this article, I will fly you through what product videos are and how they actually show products off. As well as why they are used in marketing campaigns and the benefits they can have in an e-commerce environment.

Putting A Product In The Spotlight

The main aim of a product video is to put the full focus of the content on the product in question. This style of content exists to quickly show potential customers what it is they could be buying. Every product listed online will be accompanied by a selection of photos. This seems obvious. 

Think of the product video as an extension of this. It’s a deeper showcase of the product, making the customer even more familiar with the physical look of the product. With more and more money being spent online, clarity of what is being purchased is vital to entice customers.

Therefore, producing pieces of video content that clearly depict what the product in question looks like is vital as part of the marketing campaign. Customers can be sold to in a range of different ways, however, if they don’t know what they are buying, they won’t buy it. This is why the visual clarity that a product video provides is priceless.

Highly Effective In Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital platforms love video content. Beyond the visual impact they have on the audience, most digital platforms are now optimised towards video use. 

This is most evident across social media platforms. Facebook and LinkedIn for example will push posts out further that include video content. This is a result of their drive to include higher quality and more informative content on their platforms.

But no matter the reason, this can be taken advantage of. Ensuring campaigns across social media are lead by strong video content will increase the chances of the end result being achieved. 

This is true for both organic and paid campaigns. In fact, product videos are prime for paid campaigns. Short snappy video content performs well in social adverts. By their very nature, product videos share a lot of visual information in a short amount of time.

When trying to grab attention and share information as quickly as possible, high-quality footage of the product in question is just the way to do this. Various versions can then be edited with different copy to appeal to different audience segments.

These principles apply to digital marketing as a whole. Short, snappy and high-quality videos can share information quickly online. Apply this thinking to landing pages, email campaigns and direct mailouts and you’ll see the power that product videos have.

Dynamic Use Of Branding

This is the bonus benefit of product videos. Not only is the physical product displayed in all its glory, through motion graphics the product branding can be integrated in all sorts of dynamic ways. 

Consistency throughout a marketing campaign is essential to ensure the target audience receive a focused message. This is absolutely possible with product videos. Through motion graphics, animated text and branded transitions, each video produced will have its own unique feel. It’s these extras that help bring it to life. You’re not just presenting the product itself, but the message behind the brand.

It’s this message that sells a product. Wider marketing principles are fully in play here. In a very short amount of time, a product video shares clear visuals of the product itself through the footage as well as the message of what the brand is all about through the animations.

These are the two elements at the heart of any successful advertising campaign. They are not always possible to achieve in one piece of content. This is what makes product videos so unique. They allow these two elements to be achieved in one piece of content!

High Quality Content

Nobody wants a potential customer to think what they are selling looks shoddy. The high-quality, close-up footage involved in a product video means this is not an issue. As long as the production behind the video is of a high standard, then the end result always paints your products in an unbelievable light.

This style of content is your opportunity to put your product in the shop window. The screen sitting in front of your customer is the equivalent of the glass in a shop window. Present what you’re selling in the way you want customers to see it. Product videos can be dressed with all sorts of props, creating a range of scenarios. Think of the cold dripping can or the superbly detailed digits on a watch. The quality this style of video provides enables you to make your customer feel the physicality of the product. Once they feel part of it, the sell is so much easier from there.

To top all of this off, a full TV production crew is no longer needed to get amazing results. When you picture everything I’ve been talking about you may think of a Coca-Cola advert. Sublime visuals on the can, but coming as a result of a super expensive ad campaign.

With short and snappy videos in this style, these visuals can be achieved away from this environment. So much of the quality of the end product is in the ideas behind the video and how they are pulled together with the animations. All it takes is a simple idea along with some amazing footage and you have yourself a short product video to rival the quality of some of the biggest companies in the world.

To segway out of that paragraph nicely, we just so happen to produce beautiful product videos of this standard here at Glacé Media. The added joy is that they are all produced remotely. All we need is your product posting to us and we’ll deal with the rest. Head over to our website to find out more about our product video production service.