The Glacé Media Corporate Video Showcase

February 3rd, 2023

What Is A Corporate Video?

Corporate videos are any video a business uses either internally or externally to share their corporate messaging. Corporate videos come in all shapes and sizes and can cover areas such as;

Basically, anything you can think of that contains a corporate message, there is a corporate video to be made for it. 

There are even plenty of video styles you might not be able to think of that actually make for killer corporate video content.

That’s the beauty of the video production industry. There are plenty of folk out there developing super sharp videos that help businesses share their corporate messages in increasingly effective and engaging ways (forget those boring 30 page reports).

Why Are Corporate Videos Important?

We all know the importance of communication for a business. When a business can share its messages effectively everyone involved with the organisation benefits. Poor communication and things quickly start to go wrong.

Corporate videos are both a very helpful solution when it comes to corporate communication as well as being a necessity in the modern digital world.

An age-old issue businesses have when it comes to communicating with all of its stakeholders is distilling vast amounts of information and sharing it with the relevant parties in an understandable and engaging way.

Long detailed reports are fine and contain lots of relevant information. But if nobody reads it then the communication vehicle does not fulfil its purpose. This is a problem of access.

Likewise, if a piece of communication such as a memo or radio advert is unclear or misunderstood, again the purpose of the communication is not fulfilled and in many circumstances is actually counter-productive.

What a corporate video allows a business to do is share detailed information in a relatively short period of time in a way that is clear and understandable. Whether this is via interviews, pieces to camera, motion graphics, or voiceovers, the communication options are vast. But most importantly they are clear.

A corporate video provides plenty of options when it comes to tailoring the messaging of the business in the most relevant way for the audience without lacking the necessary detail.

Even if a business feels it can communicate a message effectively and in an accessible way without the use of video, in the digital age we live, video is a necessity.

Beyond merely giving the perception of being a modern business, individuals expect video content when they are being communicated with online. 

Whether it be detailed instructional content or promotional messaging enticing an end user, video is now par for the course and if a business isn’t providing it’s core messaging in video form, it is going to miss out on connecting with a lot of its key stakeholders.

What Style Of Corporate Videos Are There?

The real answer is endless. If a business has a corporate message to share, then it can be shared via video. No matter how unconventional or left-field it may be.

But of course, there are a few go-to styles that continue to be effective and can be recommended for all types of business. Below I’ll lay out these go-to styles, how they can be off benefit to a business, as well as throwing in some examples that the Glacé Media team have worked on over the years;


Getting employees from the company on camera is always a winner for businesses, no matter the style of video. 

Corporate communications have a reputation of being a bit boring and clinical. Getting someone or a range of individuals on camera to share the information is so much more humanising.

When the information is hidden behind data, corporate documents and memos the identity of the businesses gets watered down. This is true for both the end user of the product or service as well as the teams within the business receiving the messages.

How much better is it to hear from the leadership team when a fresh batch of corporate strategy is being announced? Or how much more powerful would it be when the marketing department announces a big new campaign, individuals from that department are on camera telling you all about it?

These productions don’t need to be on the level of the promotional adverts, they just need to feel real and human. 

The same principle applies all through the company, not just from the top down. Employees from all sections of the business can play a part. 

Everyone has messages to share at some point, so when it is relevant, get the relevant team members on camera to share their passion and enthusiasm for the message they are sharing.

This is not only an effective way of communicating, but it also makes the whole company feel involved. 

The phrase two birds with one stone comes to mind as you clearly and effectively share your key message whilst also commissioning an activity that actually brings the team together. Double winner.

Interview styles can come in all different formats, from the high-production sit-down chat to the quick pieces delivered to the camera from the humble office chair.

The key here is to fit the tone of the message. One effective route to take is to get team members to interview each other. Having a conversation with someone in the company rather than the camera can be a lot easier for those who aren’t budding actors. 

It also adds that extra bit of conversational casualness to the video for those who are watching.

The style can be played around with in all sorts of ways. Just know the message and the tone you are looking to portray and the rest can be slotted together.


Testimonials come into the category that is highly effective in marketing, “social proof”.

The premise being, if you see, hear, or read other individuals talking up a business then you are more likely to trust said business and therefore work with them or pay for their product or service.

The video testimonial comes in all shapes and sizes and even though it is quite a traditional form of corporate video content, it is still highly effective.

A classic format and often a very easy-to-produce one is getting one of your customers on camera briefly talking about how great you and your business are. Yes, this idea has been done over and over again and the thought of producing such a video may make you feel you are taking a step back in time, but the fact is, they work.

Plus, no one is saying you have to film it like a 1990s infomercial. Keeping pieces like this short and snappy for the modern audience and platforms is always well-advised.

Don’t overwhelm the audience with the drone of your client’s voice. The fact that they are willfully on camera talking you up is most of the task complete. Clip some of their best and most relevant bits and voila you’ve got your first of hopefully many great testimonials.

To take this concept even further, we can more creative and push the boundaries of what a standard testimonial looks like.

Include multiple individuals in one video. This way you are getting a variety of voices and showing that your clients and customers aren’t just one overly enthusiastic individual.

Once you open the door to this you can bring in different settings. Maybe film them all at their place of work or in a setting relevant to their personality. Or play around with colour like we did during the below video with Lancashire County Council.

Providing the viewer with subtle visual twists keeps the video engaging. This means they are more likely to watch for longer and are therefore even more likely to internalise the message that your business is fantastic.

Like this project, the door becomes open for creative editing styles. Here we cut all of the testimonials into one flowing narrative. We also played around with the aspect ratio of each section of footage to make the video feel more modern and engaging.

Throw a second BTS-style camera in there and voila you have a totally different testimonial style.

This is a great approach if you want to ensure your testimonials don’t feel tired and dated. People want to watch good content and if your testimonials can be made into highly watchable content in their own right, then you really are onto a winner.


Corporate videos don’t all have to be done with a camera. There are tons of ways that animation can step up and share important corporate messaging without the need for any filmed footage.

There are three very strong benefits to using animated videos to share corporate communications;

  • No filming is required
  • Branded elements can be emphasised
  • Can contain a lot of text-based information

Firstly, from a cost and logistics perspective, not having to film any footage can really make the difference. If a message needs to be shared quickly and there is no time to film, animated pieces are ideal. Plus, not having to set up a shoot can save on those filming costs.

These messages don’t just have to be ones the marketing department is pushing. Presentations, proposals and pitches can be brought to life and given an extra bit of impact with a video to supplement them.

Secondly, animated videos are ideal when it comes to getting your branding out there. A good animated video will adhere to your brand guidelines, using fonts, colours and themes within the video.

It will really bring these elements to life, adding a whole new dimension to your branding.

Thirdly, they are a fresh, modern way of sharing dense corporate messages. Businesses will always have a lot of data they both want and need to share out. 

Historically, reports and written documents have been the way to do this. But with an animated video, the ability to share a lot of information is still there, however, the benefits of an engaging and stimulating medium mean that the information can be digested much more easily. Winner!


As an extra bonus, combining animated elements and filmed video content provides a whole other world of opportunities.

Animated texts and motion graphics can be added to a testimonial piece to both emphasise key points the speaker is making as well as break up the video so it is totally focused on the individual speaker.

This specific approach is a real fan favourite here at Glacé Media and we have got a lot of joy out of the technique in the past.


Businesses no matter the size are prone to hosting events all across the world. These can range from formal shareholder conferences to internal company parties. No matter the event, they provide a prime opportunity to capture a key moment in the life of the business.

Think of it this way. When it comes to putting together a great video or even a film, so much of the preparation is put into getting actors and/or contributors, securing a location and building a set.

What a corporate event represents is a video set with all the participants already set up and ready to go.

You wouldn’t plan a full video shoot, tell everyone what time to be there and then decide not to film it. So don’t waste the opportunity to do so when your business is in this position.

This starts on a very basic level, event overview videos at their most stripped back just need one camera operator to capture highlights from the event.

Of course, this can be scaled up to show off more detailed elements of what is going on, but from one camera operator, you can capture enough footage to produce a highlight video showing off just what went on.

This piece of corporate video content can then act as a promotional piece to share out to all relevant parties showing off the great event that your business put together as well as acting as a historical archive for your business as you continue to grow and build upon your operations.

Let’s go even further here. At the event, there is going to be an array of people. These could be customers, staff or corporate partners. 

It is often very difficult to pin this many people down to give their time to be on camera and talk about your business.

Whilst they are in one location it absolutely makes sense to tap this gold mine, I’m talking testimonials, podcast-style chats, posed shots of people together, heck even film them on the end of night karaoke. The point here is the opportunities are endless. 

Make the most of a business event from a video content perspective. 

The event isn’t just there to serve its main purpose, it is also laying out to you prime opportunities to capture corporate video content you just wouldn’t have the opportunity to capture on any other day.

The Process Of Producing Corporate Videos

Here at Glacé Media, we’re always happy to advise on the best ways to produce corporate video content. Heck, you’ve seen just how much I can bang on about it all once I get going.

But if you really want to get your corporate video production into gear and ensure you are creating consistent, quality content we’re always very eager to step in and work alongside you to make this happen.

Working with a production company can seem daunting at first. Where do you start? What do you ask? Are you going to embarrass yourself by not knowing which lens goes on which camera?

Well if this is running through your mind, I thought it’d be helpful to lay out Glacé Media’s process of producing corporate videos with our clients and how you could step into this process.

Initial Brief

Straight off the bat, we want to hear from you. Whether this be a left-field idea scrawled on the back of a beer mat after hours in a pub or a fully blown brief ready to rock n roll with, we want to get a sense of what is in your mind at this early stage.

So don’t hold back in emptying your brain into the initial brief to us.

I’m talking links to YouTube videos you like (no, this doesn’t mean Premier League highlight compilations from 2004), references to other businesses or filming styles as well as any specifics you definitely want to include. 

This is just a brain dump so throw whatever you like in there.

Talk Through

Now that the contents of your brain has been official dumped out on us, it’s time to get an initial chat going. Whether this is in person or via the much-loved format of a video call, this will give us the chance to start refining the project.

Here we will dig further into the practical elements of the project. What will you be using the video for? What are the aims of your video? Where will it be published? All of this will begin to give us a gauge of the direction we take it in.

The chat will also give us the opportunity to ensure we fully understand the creative whirrings currently in your mind and that we are all singing from the same hymn sheet. We’ll also engage with some friendly back and forth to ensure a healthy repartee is well and truly flowing early on.

Watch out for phrases like “start preparing your Oscars speech”, “don’t worry, we’re used to improvising” and “no we don’t know Robert Pattinson, but I’ll see if I can get his email.” You get the gist.

We Pitch To You

Now we know what you’re after, it’s time for us to show you what we’ve got. From your initial brief and the follow-up grilling we’ve given you in our chat, we will put together our thoughts and ideas and then pitch them to you. These will include;

  • Creative ideas for the video
  • Production approach (how we’re going to film it)
  • Costs (booooooo!)

From here you can get an insight into how we’ve interpreted your thoughts and hopefully be blown away by our creative visions.

On a more basic level what this will give you are some practical options as to where we can take the video project. 

Depending on the type of video or videos we are looking at, these options could be vast or they could be pretty tight. Either way, you’ll be able to see some clear routes to completion.

The creative options will give you choices with regard to what the content of the video will be and the production options will give you choices when it comes to the scale of the project (how much we throw at the production quality) and the logistical approach that works best for you.

Discuss & Decide

We don’t want to overwhelm you with death by video call so this one is optional for you. But we always find it useful to have another chat at this stage.

Once you’ve read through our ideas and discussed them internally, you can then feed back to us and pose any questions.

From here we will explain our thinking in more detail and nail down the direction you want to go in. 

You may want to tweak some of the ideas, or you may just want to take our proposal off the shelf and carry it straight to the checkout. 

Either way, by the end of this phase we will have an approach locked in and ready to go.

You can now start dropping into conversation with clients and customers that you’re in the process of working with a super cool and edgy video production company who are going to shoot a killer piece of video content for you. Just don’t forget to pay your deposit and we’re happy for you to name-drop until your heart’s content.

Bring The Plan Together

This is mainly on our side, but this is where we action everything we’ve decided on; Book in the filming days, secure locations, sign off storyboards, scripts and timings and confirm all the delivery dates.

Admin, admin, admin. Nobody ever boasts on LinkedIn about how great they are at booking events into the calendar, but once we get going you’ll be bloody glad you did. Planning is the secret weapon of the video production industry.

Film & Edit

Now we really come into our own. Our camera crew don their black t-shirts, get the cameras locked and loaded and start filming some mega video footage.

This is where you get to stand next to the monitor on set and nod in approval. You can also film some footage on your phone of your working recording pieces to camera to send around the work WhatsApp group with the caption “Think they’re film stars ”.

Once we’ve captured everything we need, the edit begins. Because we have planned immaculately we can dive straight into the edit (see, planning does come in handy).

Review Time 

We’ll nail out a first version of the video and get it over to you for feedback. From here you can give us general stylistic feedback as well as specific timestamped changes. We will then back and forth the edits until you have what you’re after.

This then puts us in a prime position to edit together any extra versions of the video or videos. We’re talking specific social edits, adverts, teasers & trailers. Basically anything we can upsell you on in the meantime.

From here we then get ourselves to the point where you have all the final versions of the videos you asked us to produce. Just like that the production process is complete. We told you we would deliver and we’ve only gone and bloody done it.

Share It With The World

It’s time to share with the world your new digital pride and joy. Take the plaudits for how amazing the video is, but don’t get complacent at this stage. It’s not just a matter of idly sticking the video on your YouTube channel and the whole world will see it.

You need to make sure you are proactive in sharing your content on the right channels, at the right time, and with the right captions. 

Whether this is where your marketing team kick into gear or your marketing agency takes over, this step is crucial to make sure the content performs as well as possible.

But do not worry, we won’t completely abandon you at this stage. We will send you on your merry way with pointers and advice as to the best way to use your new content. Plus if you need a few extra tips along the way you can just drop us a message. It’s all part of the service.

There we have it, now you should have a firm handle on what a corporate video is, why they are important and just how you can produce them.

If this has sparked some inspiration and you want to get that corporate video ball rolling straight away, don’t hold back in getting in touch with us.

Our brains are constantly whizzing with video magic and we want to unleash it on you. Get your initial briefs over to us now and before you know it we’ll be bathing in the joys of wonderful corporate video content in no time.