September 2022 With Glacé Media

October 10th, 2022

Plenty More To Come From This Year

Hello everybody! We hope you’re all doing well. 

September marked the phasing out of the summer and what a summer it was at Glacé Media. As the sun shone we were out and about filming all sorts of tip-top video content.

There was no let-up in September either as we dived into some new and very exciting projects (more to come on that in future months). 

As we’ve been pushing our creative thoughts to the limits and challenging ourselves in the wonderful world of video, we thought this would be a nice chance to reflect on what the Glacé team has been up to recently and share with you what we’ve been pointing our camera lenses at.

We never like to stay still for too long and every time a new project comes our way we’re looking for better ways to do what we do best. This little round-up will give you a little round-up of our latest movements and hopefully provide a little inspiration for your content production efforts along the way.

Hong Kong Were In Town

The Hong Kong Rugby Sevens teams were followed by our cameras as we met them at their training camp at Loughborough University.

As the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens teams intensified their preparation for a tournament in their own backyard next month, we were there to capture the action in all its hard-hitting and high-energy form.

Both the Men’s and Women’s teams set up camp at Loughborough University, making the most of the internationally acclaimed training facilities as well as playing a few warm-up games.

This was too good of a content opportunity to miss and we joined forces with their photography team to capture some high-energy footage from ground and air to give a glimpse behind the curtain of what goes into their training regimes.

Combining drone footage with fast-paced footage shot in the midst of the action, we produced a collection of videos that the teams could share with their fans across their website and social media channels.

With the build-up to November’s tournament being of such importance to the team, getting the fans excited and exhilarated was high on our list of aims. We absolutely think the videos speak for themselves. When it came to getting the supporters revved for the tournament, we’d say, job done.

BrainBox Go Worldwide

Our BrainBox product videos are now being produced in 14 different languages.

Our ongoing partnership to produce a video for the ever-popular children’s educational board game BrainBox, has broken free of the UK and gone global.

We were initially commissioned by The Green Board Game Company to produce a series of product videos for their board game series titled “BrainBox”.

BrainBox is a card-based educational children’s board game series that helps children learn about a range of topics across their various titles in a fun quiz-style format.

From idea conception to execution of the final videos we were tasked with developing a bank of content that would enhance the customer shopping experience in their Amazon store as well as captivating audiences with their brand identity across social media campaigns.

We were really satisfied with our initial production of the English language titles. The process of producing worlds for each product to live in allowed our creative minds to wander and the product image to be catapulted into new realms.

It wasn’t just us that were satisfied with the outcome. Following our first production round earlier this year we have since been producing more videos for their international audiences.

With videos to this date being produced in 14 different languages, these product videos are now contributing to the BrainBox marketing campaigns across the globe. Now when buying a BrainBox online, the customer gets a full video experience of what the product is all about. Lifting them apart from their competitors and building the already much-loved brand.

We love producing product videos and this partnership has been a hugely satisfying one that we hope to continue long into the future.

Called Up By The Council

We got the nod from Lancashire County Council to capture the excitement and energy of the business in their local rural business group.

When you get a call from the council, the worry usually sets in about a change to the bin collection day. Luckily on this occasion, the call was nothing but pleasant. Lancashire County Council hosted a rural peer group for small businesses over a number of months and they wanted us to capture the reaction of those involved.

Now I know what you think, not another testimonial. Yes, testimonials have been used for a long time and you may tire of seeing them. But there is a reason they have been used for so long, they work. Plus, this one was a little bit different. Not ones to be caught on our feet, we wanted to add a bit of extra character to the video.

The council were clear that the group in question was full of energetic and enthusiastic business owners that didn’t have a corporate feel about them at all. We wanted to capture this passion whilst also showing that these were small businesses run by passionate entrepreneurs in the local community.

By involving an array of colourful backdrops as well as a more informal handheld BTS camera angle, we succeeded in putting together a video that didn’t feel corporate at all.

We captured the thoughts and feelings of the participants and showed off what the council’s scheme was all about, whilst still putting together a piece of video content that was fit to make an impact across modern digital platforms.

So if you thought local government was dull and boring, then think again.

As Many As Fifty Reviews

Since hitting the podcasting airwaves in 2019, The Glacé Film Club podcast has seen our very own Marcus and good film friend Callum sink their teeth into a vast array of modern and classic film reviews. Over the past months, that number hit a milestone as they clocked up their 50th review on the podcast.

As a little treat to themselves, they thought they’d dive into their favourite film, “The Big Short” and absolutely pour out their love for it over a nearly hour-long special episode.

The review was only ever going one way with the film receiving overly extensive praise in their own brand of film reviewing podcast magic. 

This milestone is absolutely not the end, if anything it is spurring them on for more. With The Glacé Film Club to make yet another leap very soon beyond the realms of mere audio (more on that in the coming months).

Until then, there are plenty more reviews and conversations with creatives coming your way. As always the podcast is available to stream on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

That’s it for this edition. We know we’ve been a little bit quiet on the old email front recently (we thought we’d wait until the end to acknowledge this), but we’d just like to think it’s because we’ve been so damn busy.

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about what we’ve been up to recently because we’ve absolutely enjoyed doing it. If it’s sparked a bit of inspiration with anyone reading it, then even better.