February 2022 With Glacé Media

March 2nd, 2022

We’re Making Moves

It has been another exciting month at Glacé Media. We’ve moved into a new space to kick our product video offering into a higher gear as well as working on an array of inspirational videos that once again remind us why we love video content.

We by no means have ever looked to overstretch ourselves, but we do believe in constantly improving on what we do and growing in the right direction. The popularity of the product video offering we launched last year has meant we can take it to the next level. Both giving us a huge sense of satisfaction as well as improving the quality of what we can offer to our clients.

On top of this, we have once again pushed forward with our ongoing aim of sharing positive messages through video content. Both with charitable causes and alongside businesses we believe in, some of our recent work really embodies this mindset.

“This Means More” With LooseHeadz

We talk a lot about our desire to share powerful messages through videos. When the opportunity to get involved with rugby clothing brand LooseHeadz came along, we knew it was something we had to dive into.

LooseHeadz aren’t just any old clothing brand, their clothing is a facilitator of a bigger ambition. That ambition is to get a mental health lead placed in every rugby club. Along the way, they seek to encourage the rugby community into talking more openly about mental health issues and promoting positive mental health support within the sporting community.

LooseHeadz latest campaign is titled “This Means More”. The message being that rugby is much more than just the sport. It’s the community and all the positive elements that involves. The idea we developed with them to promote this was an inspirational video driven by a spoken word poem. 

The video embellished a piece written by Adam Hughes, that puts into words the message that LooseHeadz promote. We wanted to go one further and ensure this message got the exposure it deserved by bringing video into the mix.

By incorporating footage from the LooseHeadz archives as well as taking Premiership Rugby up on their kind offer of accessing their content, the end result was a captivating piece that really captured the emotion of the poem.

Thanks to the wonderful tones of BT Sport’s Craig Doyle, we believe we produced a video that effectively communicated the emotive message that LooseHeadz are sharing.

It’s projects like this that remind us why we do what we do.

The Product Video Studio Expands

A product video setup inside Glacé Media's studio.

Over the last month our product video set-up has kicked into another gear as we moved into our new studio space.

Product videos are an unbelievably effective piece of content when it comes to flogging your wares online. So it’s a darn good job that we love showing off products in all their glory as it’s this that lead us to create our initial product video offering.

Since then we have shot a selection of different products, from board games to barbecues with the end results being used on e-commerce platforms as well as being blasted out across social media.

Taking our offering to the next level is always on our mind and we applied this treatment to our product video set-up. Moving into a new space has given us even more options when it comes to filming.

Not only is the process even slicker and shinier, but the opportunities for new styles of content open up once again. We love experimenting and testing new video forms and this is exactly what we’re doing right now.

Keep your eyes peeled for the latest content to come flying out of our filming factory as we continue to put our clients’ products centre stage.

In Collaboration With Stockport Mind

Camera operator and Creative Director from Glacé Media filming the Careers Choir in Stockport alongside the charity Stockport Mind.

Stockport Mind do some wonderful work in the Stockport area supporting groups and individuals with mental health issues. Not only is their counselling service incredibly important to those who receive it, but the community groups they organise play a vital role in the lives of those who attend.

We recently spent the day with the organisation capturing stories from individuals involved as well as showcasing the wonderful set-up they have with the Carers Choir at the Guildhall in Stockport.

Capturing interview pieces is always a close and personal experience. Working with Stockport Mind gave us an insight into some very emotional stories. Our role was to capture these stories so the charity can share them out with the community to display just how important the work is they do.

From what is often a tough topic to dive into, the filming experience was actually an uplifting one. The video aims to show that there is hope for those who are struggling and with the assistance of the charity magnificent things can be made to happen.

We truly believe in backing causes such as this and we really hope the end product gives the charity just what they need to spread their message and attract more support for what they are doing.

We look forward to sharing the finished video with you all.

That completes our latest update. We’ve loved throwing our passion into everything we’ve done recently. In a period that has seen us delve into new areas as well as build upon our tried and tested offerings, we are still unbelievably keen to kick on and provide you with the best video content possible.

We look forward to speaking again soon.