Back To Basics #1 – Getting Started

February 1st, 2018

Episode 1 – Getting Started


Episode 1 of ‘Back To Basics’ is all about getting started in the world of video production. Marcus Johnson is joined by Glacé Media’s Creative Director Matt Green to offer advice on how to start making professional video content. The two of them will cover the best equipment to get on a budget, entry level editing software as well as advice on how to procure video work.


Produced by Marcus Johnson

Featuring Marcus Johnson & Matt Green

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Back To Basics is a series of podcasts all about the basics of creative video production. The series will cover all you need to know about grabbing your creative visions and starting to make professional video content. As the series develops Marcus Johnson and Matt Green will be joined by a series of guests. The guest slot will be filled with videographers, sound engineers, writers and those people who just seem to know everything about video production. Throughout the series expert guests will cover a range of topics to give you a complete guide of how to develop your creative dreams into video realties.


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