What Different Types Of Corporate Videos Are There? (Part 1)

October 24th, 2018

Sharing corporate information has been a big part of a company’s activities for a long time. Whether it be reporting key information to shareholders, motivating staff with exciting company developments or highlighting to the wider world what has been given back or added to the community, company’s need to communicate with stakeholders. So in the digital world, what better way to share this information than through video?


Here are some examples of the kind of corporate videos that can be produced for your company.


Annual Report


An annual report is a key part of any big business. Stakeholders want to know what you’ve been doing for the last year; how you’ve spent their money, what they are working towards and why the company make sense within the communities it operates in. However, pages and pages of text aren’t getting anyone excited about your message. If only there was an exciting visual way of sharing this information. Oh wait, there is!



The written form of an annual report will not disappear, as detail is still needed. But what a corporate video can do is give an accessible and engaging visualisation of the key aspects of the report. By using video footage of the company’s yearly activities, animated text and motion graphics, the company can easily share facts, figures and visions in a more digestible way.


Often companies are accused of not being transparent enough, so this is why a corporate video to supplement your annual report is ideal for opening up those channels of communication. Video is increasingly becoming the main way of sharing content online and this trend can translate directly to business. What a top level video provides is information that more people are willing to consume and interact with and also the ability to share more of this information in a more effective and efficient way.


Don’t just think of an annual report as necessary evil that has to be slogged through each year. View it as an opportunity to show off the great work your company has undertaken in an exciting and modern way.




No doubt over the course of a year your company will have hosted and attended a lot of events. Whether it be product launches, award nights or workshops, businesses operate around people working with people. Not only do these events provide a lot of value to the work that you do, they often come with a lot of financial investment. So if time and money is being invested into these events, it seems to make sense to capture a record of them for future use.



This is why filming events is so great. The success of the day isn’t limited to that day only, the memories, the lessons learned and the activities arranged can be recorded to benefit your business in the future. Such form of corporate video can prove useful in many scenarios such as future training exercises, promotional use as part of your marketing campaign and as an internal distribution to keep communication links within the company strong. Just by investing a little more in your event, the value of it increases massively and provides you with an extra resource that offer long term benefits.


So don’t see a corporate event as something that merely fills another day in the diary, view it as an opportunity to develop content that contributes to many different areas of your business. Unlike a standalone video production, at an event the planning and organisation has already done. So why not make the most of the hard work and film it? You’ll soon find that the filming opportunities are a lot greater than your first thought.


Meet The Team


An ongoing battle for businesses across the world is to develop the ability to connect with people. It is easy for a company to expand without taking into consideration what their corporate image looks like. Even though the company might be growing fast, it could soon lose its human side and find itself in a position where their audience feels disconnected. The short term benefits might be coming in but this is not going to be good in the long term.


The idea of a ‘Meet The Team’ page on a website has long been one solution to this problem. These are all very well and good, however, they lack depth. It’s great seeing a photo of someone with their job title and maybe a little snippet of information about them, but that’s all the customer or client is getting. The idea behind this is right but the execution could be much more expansive. By incorporating interviews, discussions and depictions of job roles, the ‘Meet The Team’ concept actually starts to feel like a meeting rather than a stroll through an amateur art gallery.



The options for these types of videos vary greatly, which is fantastic as it means all sorts of personalities can be projected. But what is at the heart of it all is that the clients and customer gets to see the staff speak and express their emotion in relation to the business. It is this that connects people with film and video and it is this is what will connect your business with your audience. The camera is the tool to open up your organisation and show off the people behind the corporate branding. By doing this everyone in the company is included in the company image and the business will gain that all important connection with the audience.


As we’ve seen, corporate videos cover a wide basis of areas with so many benefits for the company. If any of these ideas have got your imagination going and you want your company to capitalise on the benefits of video, just drop us a message and we’ll get the ball rolling.


Keep your eyes peeled for part two of this blog, with plenty more inspiration for your corporate video production.