3 Forms Of Video Content That Can Be Produced Remotely

April 3rd, 2020

Creating great video content doesn’t always require a camera crew. Of course we love to see swooping shots and fantastic visuals shot on camera, but this isn’t always necessary. The world of video plays host to so many different types of content, all of which with their own individual role.

Video marketing has loads of benefits across plenty of different platforms (yes, I know we keep banging on about it, but it’s true!). When we think of video, we almost instantly think of cameras. Everything from a full film set to one person staring into their smartphone camera comes to mind. So, you’d absolutely be forgiven for thinking your video marketing strategy won’t work if you can’t get out there and film. Well, you’ll be pleased to know, that’s not the case.

There are plenty of ways you can harness the power of video content and produce original videos that are not only gripping and engaging, but also will perform fantastically within your marketing campaigns. We’re constantly surrounded by amazing video content from all over, so we thought we’d get the ball rolling by sharing with you three forms of video content that don’t require any filming on location at all!

Product Videos

Product videos have long been a fantastic way of getting up close and personal with a product and seeing what it’s all about. TV adverts have relied on this style of video for decades and there is a reason for this, they are so effective. However, to capture such high-end footage usually comes at a great expense, takes a lot of time, plus a big studio set-up. These are three things that aren’t very conducive to creating social media content.

Social media platforms are an ideal place to showcase such content, so it is a real shame to limit the use of product videos on social because of these restrictions. This is why we’ve been working on a series of product videos that look fantastic, show off the key areas of a product and can be produced at a social media-friendly cost. 

The example here is one we produced for our partner Instagram channel “End Of Beer Review.” In this video the product focused on was a craft beer can. The striking designs usually used for craft beer lends itself really well to this style of video. Against the white background the design speaks for itself and creates a really distinctive piece of content. 

Adding some movement and animation to the can grabs the attention of the viewer and adds that extra bit of visual intrigue. The white space is then perfect for adding animated text. This text can tell a story and share whatever pieces of information you’d like. All of this wrapped up in the brand style creates a unique piece of content that is sure to stand out whilst being highly effective at communicating the brand message.

It’s not just craft beer that this works well for (although we are always happy to be sent beer to work with). Any product that you want your customers to see in more detail can be produced brilliantly in this style. Plus, as they are shot in our own studio set-up, all we need is the product and we’re away. So whether you want to jazz up your Facebook ads or send out detailed product information to existing customers, these product videos work fantastically.

Text-Based Animations

Video marketing is now a huge part of many business’ marketing strategy and quite rightly so. Even before our ability to film on location was restricted, sometimes tight deadlines meant producing a full video through every stage of production was too time consuming. When a message needs to be put out quickly, it needs to be put out quickly!

Without missing out on the benefits of video marketing, text-based animations can be the solution to this problem. Clear and concise communication is easily achieved through specifically written copy. Branding and style are kept consistent through colours, fonts and logos. On top of this, they can be produced very quickly. This means messages can be shared quickly at a lower cost than producing a video that requires filming and editing time.

With the ability to edit such videos in any specific dimension, content for a video marketing campaign across all required platforms can be knocked out in next to no time. On top of this, the messages can be tweaked on an ongoing basis as the marketing message is updated and changed. Text-based animations often go overlooked, but they could be just the solution for time-sensitive marketing campaigns that still need to maintain high production value.

Furthermore, if for example you are launching a video marketing campaign that is targeting eight different market segments in the same ad campaign, eight different videos with slightly different copy can be easily made. Therefore you are still benefiting from the quick turnaround time whilst also creating highly targeted content that will only serve to boost your campaign. As we said, you don’t need to miss out on the vast benefits of video marketing just because you’re unable to shoot any footage.

Branded Live Streams

I have been a huge fan of the live video format for ages. Ever since the days of Live And Kicking on Saturday morning kids TV, the concept of watching live broadcasting made me feel a part of something. Although the number of live television shows have dwindled over the years, the format has evolved and found its way online. 

Many thought it was just a fad of the television age, but that is definitely not true. That connection I felt as a child watching live TV is exactly what makes the format timeless. The live connection with the person who is delivering the content provides a unique experience to the audience that pre-recorded just cannot emulate.

This is seen in an unbelievably huge way on Twitch. Millions of people log on every day to watch gamers stream themselves playing video games. But I’d bet that this isn’t the only appeal. The appeal apart from the content itself is the connection with the host. People want to be spoken to directly and be part of something unique. Whether this be gaming or your business’ latest product, it all evokes the same emotions.

Streaming yourself live online has never been so accessible. Jump on your Instagram account and within seconds you can be beamed out to your audience. This is true on Facebook and Youtube as well. The big marketing benefit you have here is that you already have the audience worked hard to build, waiting for you. However, when you hit them with live video you are giving them a totally different interaction with you and your brand. All those benefits I just mentioned of live TV become relevant to you and you extend that all important connection with your customers.

We would always encourage you to make the most of the live functions of social platforms. Even if it’s just to push more unique content out there and make the most of the platforms’ algorithms which often favour live content. However, if you really want to take that extra step and stand out, branded live streams are definitely the way to go.

Teaming up two great pieces of software in Skype and OBS mean that a super unique streaming experience can be created. Throw in there a bit of design wizardry and video editing magic and you have yourself an almost television style broadcast. This will allow you to pull through your Skype feed into a custom graphic overlay. This way your branding is clear, your video is unique and most of all the video will stand out to your customers and clients. For a full technical guide on how to set this up, James Froment wrote a great piece over on LinkedIn.

Once you’ve got a lovely design to show off your brand in all its glory there is no limit to the creative possibilities. The format of the stream can be anything you choose, with the software allowing you to sequence video clips and images to be part of the stream. Two people can feature at once and it can be set up for use across different social platforms. 

So all it takes is a bit of imagination, the willingness to give your audience a unique experience and a bit of lovely design work and you’re ready to stream live in a truly unique way.

If you like the sound of any of these content ideas and want to chat through how you could use them yourselves, just drop us a message. The Glace team are always excited to discuss creative ideas and will be on hand to assist you no matter where you are in the world.