A Conversation With Simon James (Writer)

July 29th, 2020

For the first time, in this episode we are expanding the reach of The Glacé Film Club. On top of our usual film reviews, we’ll be inviting guests onto the podcast from all areas of film, video and the creative arts as a whole.

Through these conversations, we’ll be looking to learn and be inspired by passionate and creative individuals who have had interesting experiences in different areas.

In this episode, Marcus is joined by writer, Simon James. Simon has covered a whole range of styles in his writing. From short stories, to comic books, all the way through to scripts. Simon’s diverse experiences made him the perfect guest for the first episode in these series.

During the chat, Marcus and Simon talk about Simon’s past work, what it is to be a writer and future projects he has lined up. This really was an inspirational conversation with plenty of insights into the world of creative writing. If you want to check out Simon’s work further, head over to his website at simonjamesstories.co.uk where you can read his fascinating biography as well as find links to pieces of his work.