New Podcast Series ‘Back To Basics’ Launches

January 31st, 2018

New Podcast Series Launches


Glacé Media launch their new podcast series ‘Back To Basics’. Episode 1, ‘Getting Started’ will lead you into the insightful series with top tips on how to get started in the world of video production. Marcus Johnson is joined by Matt Green to offer all you lovely listeners insights into producing professional video content.


During the episode Matt will recount some of his personal experiences whilst sharing lessons that he’s learned along the way. From crazy, off the wall projects through to university films and then experiences in the industry itself, the podcast will cut to the heart of what’s needed to get that video ball rolling.



‘Back To Basics’ Podcast


As we continue to branch out into different forms of media production, our next step takes us into the world of podcasts. Here at Glacé Media we have tons of video production knowledge flying around our heads. Following on from of our super serious board meetings, it was decided that the best way to share this was through the medium of podcasts.


This new series will take place over a number of weeks. Each episode will be hosted by Marcus Johnson, with Glacé Media’s Creative Director, Matt Green alongside him. Matt will be sharing tips on the best equipment to buy on a budget, recounting tales of his journey through the video production industry and offering advice for those of you wanting to make your mark on your audience.


As the series develops the two of them will be joined by a series of guests. The guest slot will be filled with videographers, sound engineers, writers and those people who just seem to know everything about video production. Throughout the series expert guests will cover a range of topics to give you a complete guide of how to develop your creative dreams into video realties.


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