March 2022 With Glacé Media

April 4th, 2022

The Birthday Cake Is In The Oven

As we approach the end of what more grown-up businesses might call “the first quarter”, it’s been a nice opportunity to reflect on the beginning of the year. We really have worked on a variety of projects so far in 2022 and March has been no different. 

From being ushered into the inner chambers of Lancashire County Council to hopping on the mics again and welcoming in the return of our podcast, it continues to be all go here at Glacé Media. But hey! That’s the way we like it.

Along with our ongoing projects, a big realisation hit us this month… In April it is our 5th birthday! This has snuck up on us but we are now only a month away. As we’re not ones to shy away from a party, we will absolutely be marking the occasion. All we can say right now is, watch this space and roll on the 27th April!

Called Up By The Council

This month we dived into a really exciting project alongside Lancashire County Council. Throughout the start of this year, the council have been looking for ways to support local businesses and their development throughout 2022. One way they have been doing this is through a rural business peer to peer network.

As they had such a huge success in the delivery of this, they wanted to capture the results for all to see. That’s where we come in. During a lovely March day we set up shop in County Hall hearing all the glowing reports from the participants of the group.

As is the Glacé way, we knew we could do more with this than the bog-standard testimonial video. As these were real stories from small business owners, we wanted to ensure we didn’t stray into an overly produced corporate video. Incorporating some funky coloured backdrops and a B cam shooting some BTS style footage gave us everything we needed to work with.

The video will be released over the coming months and hopefully will pave the way for more businesses to receive such support and push forward to achieving their aims. Filming aside, spending the day with passionate small business owners was very satisfying for us and left us feeling very fulfilled and motivated.

Small business for the win!

New Series Of The Glacé Film Club Podcast

We know all you eager fans have been keenly awaiting the return of the Glacé Film Club Podcast. Ok, we may be exaggerating a little, but we were certainly excited and the wait is now over!

Marcus and Callum have returned for a new series of fresh reviews applying their usual in-depth conversational style to dig deeply into the meanings behind some big-hitting films. The guys don’t like to merely scratch the surface in their discussions, so be prepared for some heavy chit-chat and perspectives of films that may not be categorised as “blatantly obvious”.

With the start of any year ushering us into award season, it only felt right that the film club explored some of the top films nominated across the board. Following a strange night at the Oscars you may have forgotten which films actually brought home the gongs. 

Do not worry! The latest series includes a review of the (rightful) winner of Best Picture “CODA” as well as the latest episode covering the winner of Best Documentary, “Summer of Soul”.

As always, all episodes are available to stream now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Get yourselves stuck in and keep watching those films!

The Summoning Of Manchester’s Finest Creatives

Jackie Todd (Creator & Influencer [Thank you for the photo]), Katie Lee (Artist & Founder of Not Your Babe) & our very own Matt Green.

When our home city of Manchester hosts a film festival we absolutely need to be there. Manchester Film Festival always put on a hell of an event and this year was no different. At Glacé HQ we thought this year instead of slipping in under the radar to check out what was going on, we would invite all our wonderful friends and collaborators from across the city for a lovely old creative catch up.

The centrepiece we attended was a short film block featuring a whole array of different creations. To say this was inspiring was an understatement and we came out feeling fully energised with fresh ideas already being banded about amongst the group.

There was a consensus developing that the short films “Pragma” and “Kafkas” were particular highlights, so if you get the opportunity to check them out at any point, they have the unofficial Glacé Media endorsement.

Beyond the film festival itself, it was a real joy to meet up with our wider network of creative friends. We’ve always been big on collaborations and most of the best work we do comes from this. However, it can be very easy to go from one project to another without taking a step back to catch up and inspire each other. This is exactly what we got from the evening and we are ready and raring to get another meet up going again very soon.

That’s all folks! Another month of new and exciting starts as well as going strong at what we love doing best. One big realisation from the month is just how important the people we work alongside are. Meeting up in Manchester for the first of many creative catch ups just reminded us once again about the thrills we get from collaborating and what drives us to do what we do.

With our 5th birthday coming up next month I’m sure we’ll be getting even more nostalgic, but we’ll spare you the heavy emotional outpouring until then.