January 2022 With Glacé Media

January 26th, 2022

Plenty To Be Excited About

As we dive into 2022, it’s been all go at Glacé Media. From new projects to attending exciting events, we’ve been out there taking on the world and it’s been fantastic.

Over the years we’ve always pushed ourselves to work with clients we believe in. In the way, they operate but also believe in the reasons that they do what they do. Our recent projects have been a prime example of this and as a result, the team have produced some amazing video content.

On top of this, another big drive for us is seeking out positive connections. There was no better opportunity to fulfill this drive than during our trip to Worcester Film Festival. We never want to become an island at Glacé, and it’s the inspiration of others that helps up keep pushing in the right direction.

Through the projects we’ve worked on and the events we’ve attended recently, we’ve been able to allow what we are all about thrive even further. In this update, I’ll give you a nice snapshot of what’s been going on.

A Big Fiftieth Celebration In Birmingham

Gordon Moody are a charity that works with those struggling with gambling addictions. Last year saw them mark their 50th birthday and we had the honour of being asked along to document the event. 

The event brought together those who have played a pivotal role in the charity over the years as well as their current employees. The day was filled with uplifting and inspirational stories of the positive impact the charity has had during its 50 years. 

Hosted in Birmingham, it must have been one of the most stunning buildings we’ve ever found ourselves filming in. The ideal setting for what wasn’t merely a celebration, but a platform for the future as the charity look to develop their work further afield.

Throughout the day we filmed various speeches and panels, with the end result bringing an array of full-length speeches as well as an overview that captured the atmosphere of the event. It was a joy to be able to capture such uplifting stories and assist in sharing these out with Gordon Moody’s wider community.

Our Short Film Only Went And Got Nominated

Towards the end of 2021 we headed down to Worcester for the inaugural Worcester Film Festival. Our short film “Joel” was showing on the Thursday and was nominated for the Best Short Film award.

We’d been revving up for this trip ever since it was announced over a year ago and boy did it deliver! Seeing our short on the big screen was a very special moment and gave us a satisfying feeling of completion for a long-running project that we adored undertaking.

But much more than this, what was truly special about the trip was the people we met across the 3 days that we were there.

For us, one of the biggest reasons we do all of this is because it allows us to connect and collaborate with interesting and imaginative people who want to make things happen in a similar way that we do.

The crowd we met along the way in Worcester were not only both of these things but were also full of a sense of warmth and community that we had all been looking for in recent times.

What a special feeling it was to discuss films, see other people’s work and endlessly share ideas across the 3 amazing days.

For an event that was at times looking unlikely to go ahead, the organisation was superb. Hendrik Harms’ vision absolute became a reality and we were exhilarated to be part of it. Worcester Film Festival has really bold ambitions that are absolutely aimed in the right direction and we cannot wait to be part of its growth in the future.

We’ll be back next time for sure.

The Travel Industry Flying Again

TravelTek are an exciting travel software company that are further looking to moderinse their brand and service. As part of this modernisation, they were looking to show off the passion and knowledge of their staff in video form. This is where we stepped in.

Corporate videos have been produced endlessly and there are enough video interviews out there to watch for the rest of your life. But what really stands out to us when working with a client on a project like this is when they really do know their stuff.

Even though these vast swathes of off-camera interview videos have existed for decades, that doesn’t matter. Because when the person sitting in front of the camera actually knows what they are talking about, it always cuts through the rest of the videos!

That was what was so amazing about TravelTek. Their desire to communicate with their customers in new ways wasn’t a marketing strapline, they actually had the knowledge to back this up. Putting people in front of a camera who are knowledgeable and behind the cause always resonates so much more than somebody spewing out the LinkedIn catchphrase of the month.

The reason I wanted to share this little anecdote is that it shows just how much more you get out of a video shoot when it is backed by knowledge and enthusiasm. TravelTek are a company with a genuine desire to develop positive change in their business and have team members who know how to do it. The shoot went swimmingly because of this and as a result, the video content captures the audience and shares the message in a clear and engaging way.

Nice work TravelTek.

That completes our latest update. We’ve loved throwing our passion into everything we’ve done recently. In a period that has seen us delve into new areas as well as build upon our tried and tested offerings, we are still unbelievably keen to kick on and provide you with the best video content possible.

We wish you all the best through the coming months and that you’re all having a great start to 2022.

We look forward to speaking again soon.